Why teach courses?

Our main goal with this courses is to spread knowledge while having an enjoyable experience. This courses make us  grow larger and make you learn from well prepared teachers, we usually ask for a small payment in order to acces to al the content. They are a great way to support our projects.


Introduction to amateur rocketry

Date: 7th October. (Morning and afternoon sessions)

Imparted by : Rodrigo Cuevas

Duration: 4 hours max

Price: 20€  / Free for LEEM members (+info)

The Course

Our Course is oriented as an introduction to rocketry. It is divided in 3 sessions:

  1.  Basic theory about design and flight (15-30min)
  2.  Each team designs and builds their own rocket (2h). 4 people in each team.
  3. Launch (30 min)

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Introduction to dinamic control of memory (C++)

Date: 24-25 March

Imparted by : Nicolás de Jong (+6 of experience in C++)

The Course

The objective of this course is not to teach C++ , the idea is to give a basic understanding to how C++ processes memory. Most of programming  languages function similarly (such as python or matlab) but they dont allow us to operate with memory esasily. This course will give you a better understanding of such languagues, also you will learn why sometimes we make errors that we dont comprehend.

What you will learn

  • Types of variables and how each of them deals with memory
  • Pointers and how to access memory
  • Keywords ‘new’ and ‘delete’
  • Dynamic memory and dynamic arrays
  • Writing/Reading data efficiently
  • Encrypting and error detecting in packages (messages)